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North Carolina’s state legislature has filed SB 514: the Youth Health Protection Act. The bill is aimed at preventing any type of treatment towards youth that would affirm their gender identity if they are gender non-conforming.

In other words; if your child was assigned female at birth, but you learn they identify as male, any medical treatment to assist them in their transition (should they seek to do so) will be prohibited. And now teachers will be expected to report to parents, in writing, if they feel their child is exhibiting gender “non-conforming” behavior.

Sterilizations, mastectomies, “administering or supplying certain…

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I had an amazing parenting moment; I got to introduce my children to some holiday movie classics.

While they were most excited for the Nightmare Before Christmas and Frankenweenie around Halloween, Christmas started early with Elf and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The films I was most excited to show them were the Home Alone movies.

While I knew they were obvious winners, triggering my five-year-old’s infections heavy laugh when something is really funny, there was something I noticed at the end of the…

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I’m probably not the right person to talk to about death, especially when I’ve written a book about the philosophy of the afterlife that comes down to “nothing happens, but life is beautiful still.” However, I’ve had two near-death moments, studied theology, wrote my thesis on the afterlife, which then became my book, and I’m a humanist chaplain. I just hope I don’t make the idea too depressing for you.

When I shook the remnants of my beliefs at 23, one of…

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Love is an odd topic to discuss in our current climate. No matter where you stand, and on what issue, a lot of personal things have turned into a debate. Some things as personal as our very identity.

But why love? Because it’s clear we’re yearning for it.

Apologies for the earworm, but what is love? Is it marriage? Children? A shared Netflix account? Letting them make kimchi in your home, even though the smell is vomit-worthy?

Let’s look at what Christianity says about love. In the…

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It wasn’t shocking, discovering Trump had an awareness of COVID-19. Acknowledging how dangerous it was.

Bob Woodward’s upcoming book, Rage, recounts 18 conversations he had with President Donald Trump at the beginning of 2020. Included in those conversations is an admission by Trump of how lethal the Coronavirus was predicated to become, and how he felt it was better to downplay the concern to avoid panic.

At this stage we know that wasn’t really the issue. …

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Elon Musk has made the news recently by violating Alameda County’s lockdown orders for non-essential businesses. Ranting on twitter about the “illegal” order, without citing law or legality, Musk opened the Tesla factory requesting that only he be arrested, if anybody.

Musk has only demonstrated his being a crybaby, if nothing else. Well, that and white privilege. Among a litany of other reasons Musk doesn’t deserve a single thing he has, his temper tantrum and putting people’s lives at risk is par for the course.

Meanwhile, the editorial staff at WSJ put out an article today stating that Musk is…

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A hurricane is currently making its way along the coast of North Carolina. It has already devastated the Bahamas, and deaths are expected to be “staggering”.

What President Trump has been focused on, since the hurricane was on it’s way towards the States, was how right he is. He tweeted incorrectly that Dorian was going to hit Alabama. When national agencies corrected Trump, he then displayed a map that was noticeably altered with a Sharpie marker.

It was then revealed that Trump was the one who altered the map.

Surely, the leader of the free world has gotten whatever he…

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A video has resurfaced where Trump is asked about his favorite biblical verses.

Spoiler: it doesn’t go well.

The video comes from an August 2015 interview on Bloomberg Politics. Trump is asked about his self-admitted “favorite book,” the Bible. When asked about some of his favorite verses, his response is less than surprising.

From the interview:

You know, when I talk about the Bible it’s very personal so I don’t want to get into verses…

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45 made some of the (self-reported) biggest tax cuts since Reagan, cuts that only really reach the financial elite who will sit on that money, never putting it back into our economy and letting it sit in offshore accounts. He’ll cite Reagan as his inspiration, but quickly forgets how much Reagan raised taxes to make up for the problems arising from those cuts. Or how it was picked up by the middle and lower classes. Trickle down never worked, but the upper class got all the gain.

As a result, people, public servants, are now doing things based on what…

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Yesterday I was surprised to get a notification that Democratic Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke was showing up at a small coffee shop near where I am staying.

I knew little of O’Rourke’s positions, save for what’s been seen in headlines. He acknowledges he benefits from white privilege. He’s made jokes at his wife’s expense. At one point in time, he was part of a “hacktivist” group. And he is “not sure” Medicare for all is the best option. So I RSVP’d to the event, and started looking more at his platform.

Most of his policies I can get behind, as…

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